About the blog

The name suggests defining me. But what I actually want to offer is defining us. I do not wish to categorize myself as a fitness blog or food blog or educational blog. I really wish to talk about experiences, fitness experience,travel experience, food experience or educational experience and hope that people may relate with it, learn from it or just smile reading it.

I'm not a writer, and not an aspiring one either. What I aim to do, is to be able to write something that I and my readers enjoy reading. I am just an engineer-to-be who wants to talk about whatever is on my mind.

I had categorized my posts earlier. But it was really hard for me to really classify which post goes where because I am so random. I write about whatever the hell comes to my mind. So I deleted those pages. Still, one fine day if I'm in the mood for it, ill sit and think of categories.

This blog is a work in progress, as am I. I am open to criticism. You can comment on my posts or send in your mail on ayesha92ahmad@yahoo.com . I'm here to share and learn. You can also contact me if you want to talk about something, some problem or anything. I'm a good listener and together we might be able to sort stuff out!


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  3. Hi, Ayesha, really nice to find out your blog, if I may ask, what types of engineering that you take? , because I really want to take engineering too (still maybe though) (:

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