Sunday, June 29, 2014

Ayesha's internship experience

In my last college semester I was interning at a company. It didn't fetch me any money but what it did do for me was a lot more. I just want to highlight some of the benefits of an internship at an IT company.

Firstly and most importantly, you get to learn about how a company works. You see how people interact, how office tools work. You get to explore intranet and use many online facilities that wouldn't have been available as a student or wouldn't be very useful when you're working full time and you're overloaded with work. You get to learn to send semi formal emails, send requests etc.

Secondly, you get to learn about the project specific details. You can learn about the technology and platforms and frameworks that are being used. And of course, you understand the work you are doing.

Thirdly, you get to see how a team works in the office. The collaborative efforts that lead to formation of a product can not be seen while sitting in a classroom. A team usually includes some developers, testers, a team lead, manager, architect, and product owners. The learning process requires that all the members of the team cooperate and collaborate in order to give good results.

Fourth, free snacks!!! (Well, that was probably only in the company where I interned) Anyhow, coffee machine is always free and so useful.

Fifth,  you are allowed to make mistakes. One thing that really helped me get comfortable with my team was that they helped me rectify my mistakes. You will not be judged for making mistakes because you are there to learn.

Some of these things I might have experienced because I had a good team. A good team forms a great support system. Even though I went there 2-3 times a week, I felt at home. I want to encourage all college students especially engineering students to have this experience at least once during their college life. It is great to go into a full time job after doing an internship because it always helps to know something before hand. It gives a confidence boost and a positive attitude. What if the internship experience was not good? Well, then you know what not to do!!

Fun at work!

All the best!
Thanks for reading,
XO Ayesha

Friday, June 27, 2014

From an end to a beginning

It has been forever since I last wrote. So long that when I sat to write again I had trouble forming my sentences. I wanted to write about college getting over, a new beginning to an old ending. Instead I shut my blogger account. And did not open it until two weeks later. That is, today!

A lot has happened over the last few months. So, so much has changed! I can not even put all my thoughts in words. All I can say is, a lot of it has been positive change, even if it has kept me away from blogging for a while. A long while.

I had my last semester in college. There were internship, college project, 4 subjects to take care of, amidst the entire anxiety of leaving an era and entering into a new one. It was not just about leaving college. It never is, right? College is not just college. We have our teachers, who we have love/hate relationship with. We have a routine of going, sitting and spending 8 hours in a place that is sheltered, where we are spoon-fed with all the information that we are never going to be using later in life. And, most importantly college life is tied up with the friends who make it a "life", without whom it would have been difficult impossible to get past even one day of college. The thought of everyone splitting up and scattering to different places logically and geographically was numbing, but it happened. Farewell happened. Exams happened. And it was over. Just like that, four years were over.

I didn't have much time to mourn over my emptiness. I was called to join my work within a week of college getting over. Thank god! The excitement of first week over shadowed things in a way. I'm sure, I'd have felt it harder if I had stayed home. New workplace, new friends, new activities and a new debit card too! :P .. But by the time weekend arrived, I needed to see my friends. It was my friend's birthday on that Saturday. So we got together and celebrated it. Sunday was just a day to relax after all that excitement during the week. Monday onwards involved a lot of learning amongst other things. Training has not been as hectic as I thought. Thank god! But yes, an hour and a half of traveling can drain the life and soul out of any normal person. Wish the traffic could just smoothen out a little.

Today I completed the 10th day of my work. So yes, I filled the time card for 10 days. Beginning of my career. So much to learn, so much to do. No time to waste! Sure feels like something. And this new feeling drove me to type this entire post. And I feel proud to finish something that I was not able to for so long.

Completely irrelevant, but here's a random selfie taken on an office morning :D


Thanks for reading,
XO Ayesha