Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Productivity Quote


I am starting this series to motivate us at the middle of the week, when we need it most! "The Wednesday hump" is what we call the phenomenon. I will be putting forward a quote now and then by someone that matters. Don't worry, won't be me! Of course, as always you will see my thoughts along with the quote.

How many times have we told our friends, "I'm busy!"?
More often than not we have excused ourselves from things we don't want to do by saying this.
However, the problem arises when we tell this to ourselves. We often lie to ourselves about being busy. The worst happens when we give some work our time, but not our mind! So this is where this quote comes into play. It really doesn't just matter how many minutes or hours we are giving some work, but also how much effort we are putting and how much output we are getting.

Productivity may mean different things to different people. In a blogger's life, it may mean what useful research she can do, or how fast she can edit photos well. In a students life productive work might be solving a certain number of problems in certain time. In a software developers life productivity may be writing number of lines of useful code. And in the life of a teacher's may be how well the students understood in the 1 hour class that she just took. Etc.. Etc..

Productivity =  time + efficiency

So lets try to be productive, instead of busy!

Thanks for reading,
XO Ayesha


  1. Love it!

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  2. I agree! Productivity is NOT the same thing as work.

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  5. NICE

  6. what a great quote!:) you can only be successful if you put your heart in everything you do:)

  7. I loved this post, you're right! I agree with the last quote: let's be productive instead of busy :) You motivated me for the rest of the day haha

    I am following your blog on GFC (google friend connect). Hope you follow back <3



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